Work Flow

Major Areas

Our activities are further explained in context of two major areas of sampling and production.



Sampling for any product plays a pivotal role to design and execute at small scale as prototype of upcoming bulk. Over the years we have synchronized sampling stage with respective manufacturing facilities. This supports in a well-planned and well prepared execution for the bulk production later on.

Sample Inquiry Received

  • 1 Detailed study of customer’s Technical Sheet & relevant information.
  • 2 A standardized set of documents is generated to provide entire information (from all customers/labels) in a unique pattern for quick and easy understanding at target manufacturing facility.
  • 3 Inputs arrangements including: Fabric, Threads and Trims etc.
  • 4 Internal Meeting of Merchandising & Quality Team to ensure clarity of all requirements.
  • 5 Submission of entire sampling package to factory via quality representative backed up by merchandising.

Sample Pre-Cutting

  • 1 Fabric Shrinkage based on required shade.
  • 2 Pattern making according to desired fit and shrinkage.
  • 3 Preparation of dummy for pattern evaluation.
  • 4 Wearing test of dummy.
  • 5 Pattern finalization OR amendment (if needed).

Feedback Analysis

Customer feedback is the key to design our corrective action plan. On receipt of sample comments, internal sampling status is updated to review below parameters.
  • 1 Corrective actions.
  • 2 Our own performance with respect to each factory.
  • 3 Next strategy according to the entire findings.
  • Above data is used to prepare our quarterly and annual reports. These documents help to keep improving onwards.

Sample Execution

  • 1 Induction of sample based on finalized pattern.
  • 2 Inline audit based on critical areas such as: Styling, Thread, Small parts and Trims etc.
  • 3 Before wash sample measurements to control the after wash results.
  • 4 Washing trial on 1st sample to confirm desired output.
  • 5 Complete sample audit report.
  • 6 Sample dispatch along with quality audit report by AUTHENTIC.
  • 7 Parcel dispatch intimation to buyer via email.

Order Sheet Received

  • 1 Purchase order evaluation for any clarification.
  • 2 Entire technical details’ evaluation based on initial information at sampling stage.
  • 3 Internal meeting of Merchandising and Quality Department to sum up all requirements in view of latest comments on approved samples.

Pre-Production (PP) Meeting

  • 1 Bulk fabric color shade continuity evaluation.
  • 2 Trial run sampling evaluation based on all critical parameters including: Styling, Sewing thread, measurements, shape and trims etc.
  • 3 Final approval (or Remaking) based on findings here.

Production Floor Activities

  • 1 Cutting quantity check as per purchase order.
  • 2 Random audit to ensure parts’ numbering.
  • 3 Stitching Inline audits ,based on Acceptable Quality Levels 1.5 with major focus on :

    Style verification with approved sample.

    Sewing threads, labels and shade numbering verification etc.

  • 4 Before Wash measurements of bulk output.
  • 5 After wash measurements checking.
  • 6 Washing approval after first batch wash.
  • 7 Finishing inline ,based on Acceptable Quality Levels 1.5 with major focus on.

    After wash trims.

    Press & Garment folding.

    Measurement check after pressing.

    Packing material and shipping marks.


Final Audit

  • 1 Final Audit based on Acceptability Quality Levels 2.5.
  • 2 Preparation of complete audit report with a copy to factory.
  • 3 Internal compilation of inspection reports for our own performance evaluation with respect to each manufacturing facility.
  • 4 Regular sharing of audit report findings to maintain quarterly and annual reports with factories. This ultimately defines annual targets for better customer service.

Our Philosophy

Let’s do it right to be Authentic