Our Activities

Our Activities#

Product Development Cell :

Product development team ensures to introduce new developments every season and to incorporate buyers’ own design department requirements where ever needed.

We emphasize a lot on fabric selection from the latest trends, style details with all relevant requirements complemented with washing/finishing mix and develop a customized product range. Counter developments to match our buyer’s specific requirements is also major responsibility for this department. Trims and accessories are also developed on regular basis to stay updated with changing trends.

Pricing Module :

Staying competitive with an attractive package of services is a consistent process with multiple ingredients. Price is one of those core concerns and here at Authentic we deal it quite meticulously to maintain a balance between buyer’s required price and supplier’s cost.

We keep a vigilant eye with a better control on all major inputs including fabric and trims to avoid any exorbitant trend, leading towards higher production costs.

Fabric Quality :

It is ensured that fabric is as per required quality parameters and fit for use in bulk. For this purpose a team of well-equipped and experienced professionals ensure's the execution of set parameters for every order at source. They conduct quality tests at all required levels to manage the best possible fabric output.

Product Management :

This involves entire merchandising support from inquiry to the shipment and after sales services.

All processes right from buyer’s inquiry till maturity and execution of order are taken care in a standardized manner efficiently to maintain the production flow as per agreed plan. Consistent coordination with quality assurance department is the focus at all stages to ensure desired results with respect to every individual buyer. After successful results of final audit and the formal go ahead from buyer’s end, goods are moved. Shipment follow up helps to keep updated for the actual sailing of the vessel after handing over shipment to forwarder.

Quality Assurance :

We believe in a preventive approach than a corrective one at later stage. Right from the initial sampling, our quality assurance team keeps a vigilant eye to get desired product. Our team conducts regular site visits, evaluates and works closely with all the manufacturing facilities to meet quality targets.

Our Philosophy

Let’s do it right to be Authentic