Authentic Fabrics#

Reactivity and commitment emerged the need for an in house facility for fabric sourcing, buying, warehousing and ultimately serving the timely deliveries.

Authentic group has added "Authentic Fabrics"to its family providing a smart range of exclusive fabrics. Our partners include as follows :

DENIM FABRICS include: ADM, Kassim, Indigo, Rajby, Neela Blue, Naveena, Soorty Enterprises, AZGARD9.

DYED FABRICS include : Nishat, Sapphire, Kohinoor, US Dynamo, Sareena.


Product Development Cell (PDC) :

All latest concepts like ; ECO , organic, less water, recycle and sustainable Fabrics.

Vibrant fabrics selection for each season Latest Inspirations for styling Accessories Modernization Washing variations & novelty

Cost Effectiveness & Flexibility

Consolidated fabric buying which helps in minimizing the MOQ limitations in many cases Price controls for inputs like trims etc Faster reactivity & production MOQ management by space bookings and fabric availability Competitive shipping cost by suggesting the right carrier Shipments consolidation without extra costs

NOS Management

NOS fabrics Stock holding for complete season to maintain price levels. Adjustment of stock level according to sales for every season optimized level of fabric Stocks for NOS programs & Efficient refills


Our Philosophy

Let’s do it right to be Authentic